The OPEN DMX USB is a DMX widget used to output DMX from a computer. Simply connect it using it’s USB 2.0 Type B port and launch your compatible software. The single Female 5 Pin DMX XLR output gives the ability to control 512 channels (1 Universe) of DMX through a range of compatible 3rd party software or your own custom application using ENTTEC’s OPEN DMX USB’s API. The OPEN DMX USB is discovered as a USB Serial Device or virtual COM Port dependent on the FTDI driver installed on your system. The Open DMX USB’s output is processed directly on the computer’s processor. (For devices with frame buffers and microprocessor to structure an output, see the ENTTEC DMX USB PRO and DMX USB PRO Mk2). Designed for the hobbyist, or users who do not require the added features and protection offered in other ENTTEC DMX USB products. Features - Compatible with a wide range of 3rd party software. - Designed to be powered from computer over USB. - One female 5 Pin XLR DMX port (output only). - Output up to 512 channels (software permitting). - Able to integrate into custom projects with the use of the OPEN DMX USB API.

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