The DMX USB PRO connects to a computer using a robust USB Type-B 2.0 connector and allows compatible software to either input or output DMX / RDM on MacOS, Windows or Linux computers. The DMX USB PRO has industry standard XLR5 connectors and 1500V full isolation on both data and power lines to protect your computer from any stray voltages on the DMX line. Furthermore, it features an internal frame buffer for consistent DMX generation when outputting, meaning timing it isn’t dependent on your PC’s processor. The DMX USB PRO is supported by a broad array of third-party software and allows users to integrate it into their own software projects using the DMX USB PRO’s developer API. Use ENTTEC’s free EMU software to test, update and configure your DMX USB PRO. You can change the firmware to your exact requirements (RDM or NonRDM). Features - Full 512 DMX channel (1 universe) of input or output. - Fully compliant with USITT DMX512-A. - Output refresh rate configurable from 1 to 40 FPS (Frames Per Second). - Configurable MAB and Break time using ENTTEC’s EMU Software to accommodate non-standard equipment. - Supported on Windows, MacOS & Linux. - 1500V full isolation (data & power lines to protect your computer from surges). - RDM enabled (ANSI E1.20 compliant). - Drivers for Windows, MacOS and Linux (drivers released and maintained by FTDI). - Compatible with various open-source and professional lighting control programs. - Developer API available to integrate into your own software.

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